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Our Mission About LNDN

The goal of LNDN is service to the Northern Community in what we consider the best and only way, through Christ's love.

What is LNDN?

L'école Notre Dame du Nord/Our Lady of the North School is a Christian Ministry faithful to the Magisterium (Rome). Its members work to fulfill the Catholic Faithfuls' responsibility to evangelize and to promote Catholic education.

LNDN is a non-profit organization. It receives no government funding. It is an independent school with its own school board. LNDN relies completely on the prayers, generosity and support of others. LNDN was founded by John and Gay Caswell on March 25, 1996 (The feast of the Annunciation).

St. Joseph's Chapel. Click to enlarge the photo.LNDN started with one building which also served as a house. There was no electricity or plumbing. That building was destroyed by fire in 1997. For a few years programs and classes were held in a one room log cabin. In 1999 we were able to switch to a portable classroom, thanks to the generosity of others. The log cabin now serves as a library. The cabin in the photo serves as the chapel.

His Holiness John Paul II talked of the need to re-evangelize North America. LNDN works to be part of that in a small way in Northern Saskatchewan. It provides catechism classes and resources for children and adults, makes available an academic education up to grade 12 for children and adults and does charitable work. Although we can not take the place of the declining number of priests, as Christians we need to do more.

The North was evangelized by heroes of the faith such as Bishop Charlebois (picture at bottom of page). It continues to be served by faithful priests. However while the rest of the province has a population decline, the North is experiencing a baby boom so that 50% of the population is under 21. Who will reach the hearts and minds of this generation?

Where is LNDN located?

Where we are located.LNDN is located in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. It's home is a northern settlement of about 70 people, Brabant Lake, which is located along highway 102 -- the only highway going through the area. Southend, an Indian reserve about 30 miles north, is a larger community of more than 1000 people. LNDN sees it work area as a radius of about 300 miles. They serve many northern communities, reserves, and settlements in Northern Saskatchewan.

A typical winter scene. Click to enlarge the photo.The physical geography of northern Saskatchewan is very rough. The Canadian Shield covers the northern half of the province. The area is littered with lakes and rivers. The land is covered with huge rocks and trees, which makes the highway very rough. Highway 102 consists mainly of rocks and clay, which makes it undrivable in certain conditions. Some communities such as Wollaston, a community farther north must be reached by crossing lakes on ice roads or barges. This makes them isolated in the later fall and spring.


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Mgr. Ovide Charlebois, OMI
First Bishop of the Archdiocese of Keewatin-Le Pas
(Died 1933)