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Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
(For the Greater Glory of God)

OurLadyWeb.com is placed under the care of Mary, Mother of God, Our Mother and is consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

About This Web Site

"For the Church the new world of cyberspace is a summons to the great adventure of using its potential to proclaim the Gospel message. This challenge is at the heart of what it means at the beginning of the millennium to follow the Lord's command to 'put out into the deep': Duc in altum! (Lk 5:4)." (Pope John Paul II)

This site was given a "Green Light" for Fidelity to the Church by PetersNet. "The site excels in all four Fidelity categories: orthodoxy, obedience, fortitude and prudence. The Fidelity grade is used by PetersNet to indicate the degree to which a web site represents sound, authentic Catholicism -- or fidelity to the mind of the Church."

OurLadyWeb.com has had over 1,000,000 visitors since September of 2002! People have visited the web site from almost every country of the world. The site has been widely publicized and has received awards for fidelity to the Church and for its outstanding content and design, making it one of the most popular web sites entirely devoted to Our Lady on the World Wide Web.

Created and designed by Joshua Caswell, while he was still in high school, OurLadyWeb.com began as a three-page web site providing information about L’École Notre Dame du Nord Inc., a Catholic ministry in a remote part of Canada. It began as an idea but soon grew into a major development. With an old computer, thirty dollars and perhaps one of the slowest Internet connections in the world, OurLadyWeb.com came into being. With perhaps two visitors to the site a week, it had a humble and discouraging beginning, as it slowly grew little by little.

The News Page, which began as a single article on the images of the Virgin Mary and other holy figures appearing in northern Saskatchewan, sparked an overwhelming interest and soon grew to include a wealth of articles, photos, essays, and discussions making it the most comprehensive coverage on the extraordinary phenomena. Articles and photos from OurLadyWeb.com were published on several major web sites, some traveled to newspapers in countries as far away as Ireland and South Africa. As much as 5,000 people would visit the site in a single day.

The new amount of visitors and popularity soon brought problems to OurLadyWeb.com. The web site would become persecuted. Those who despised its content strived to destroy it. Some attempts were successful and the site disappeared entirely from the Internet on several occasions. With Our Lady’s help, her web site was always quickly restored and even improved.

The largest section on OurLadyWeb.com was released on January 1st, 2003, the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. Named for the day it was launched, it became a place where Internet users would discover their relationship with Mary, Mother of God. The section included a wealth of information on Our Lady, such as a subsection on the Holy Rosary with the new Luminous Mysteries, discussion of Our Lady’s doctrines, the Hail Mary in several different languages, and a listing of the various Titles of Mary. More recently the Prayer Request Page was included because of a visitor’s suggestion. It is a page where Internet users can post their own prayer intentions and pray for other’s intentions. The page received thousands of prayer petitions from around the world.

OurLadyWeb.com is only a thriving web site because it is consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and is placed under the care of Mary, Mother of God. If God wills it will continue to thrive and give Him glory through His Heavenly Mother.~

Acknowldgements and Copyright Information

OurLadyweb.com is in the care and maintenance of L'École Notre Dame du Nord, a catholic ministry in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. The web site was created and designed voluntarily by Joshua Caswell. If you have questions about this web site please click here to go to the Contact page. If you wish to support this web site, please support LNDN Inc.

This web site is made possible by the generous donation of web space by Scott Fabian's Ecclessia Web Service.

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